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Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Obidziński, Opęchowska, Zawistowska sp.p.

15-889 Białystok

ul. Brukowa 28 lok. 5

tel. + 48 85-742-03-30

tel. + 48 603-408-575



The law firm was established in 1997 by legal adviser Krzysztof Obidziński as a sole proprietorship. Along with the development and broadening the scope of our services, number of our employees and co-workers has increased. The next stage of the law firm development, was to change in the form of economic activity by commencing co-operation with new partner - legal adviser Katarzyna Opęchowska. Since 1st January 2014, we continue our activity under the business name Legal Advisers’ Law Firm Obidziński, Opęchowska Partnership in legal partnership form.

We provide services for the benefit of economic entities and natural persons.

Our law firm effectively solve legal, business issues of our clients, by participation in negotiations, mediation and legal proceedings. We provide our clients comprehensive advisory services to help them to avoid legal problems in the future. In the course of close cooperation with our clients we get to know them and their economic environment. The law firm helps with choosing optimal legal form of economic activity, we secure supported entities’ interests by neutralizing risk, securing contracts, effective and fast vindication. We put stress on close cooperation with tax advisory office, patent attorney’s office and certified translators. To meet our clients’ needs we use means of remote communication, that enables us to solve our clients’ problems more efficiently and cheaper. Owing to that fact, the law firm can provide its’ services right around the country.

In our collaboration with natural persons we take care to ensure, that their legal problems do not turn into their life problems. In the first place, we try to resolve the conflict in an amicable manner, because court proceedings may be emotionally exhausting. However, if it’s impossible to avoid confrontation, we represent our clients’ interests with a great deal of competence.

A guarantee of our law firm’s success is competent, well-proven team. If you entrust to us your issues, you may count on professional, legal services provided by the team of experienced and committed lawyers. We are not afraid of new challenges nor innovative approach to cases. This is particularly important to us to keep the professional secrecy.