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Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Obidziński, Opęchowska, Zawistowska sp.p.

15-889 Białystok

ul. Brukowa 28 lok. 5

tel. + 48 85-742-03-30

tel. + 48 603-408-575



The payment is specified on an individual basis with the client. The amount of the payment shall be determined on the type and the complexity of the case, required work load on the part of the legal adviser. We try to offer you the most convenient form of settlement. We apply following methods:

One-time renumeration - predefined, for one-time order, for example for: legal advice, legal opinion, contract, for conducting a common or administrative court case

Flat-rate, periodic renumeration – used mostly in legal service provided to entrepreneurs, who need continuous support in their economic activity, the fixed rate remains stable, no matter what the number of hours devoted to entrusted task was

Hourly wage - is calculated as a product of the quantity of hours spent on realization of your orders and settled earlier amount of money, mostly used in the fulfillment of complicated projects, when it’s too difficult to predefine one-time renumeration

Flat-rate renumeration with success-fee - includes fixed flat-rate fee and additional premium due to the law firm, if the entrusted task is resolved in favour of client

Mixed system of renumeration - flat-rate renumeration that includes defined amount of hours in the reference period, with additional renumeration after exceeding a limit on the number of hours of lump-sum tax, calculated as a product of quantity of hours above the limit and hourly wage