Nasz adres:

Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Obidziński, Opęchowska, Zawistowska sp.p.

15-889 Białystok

ul. Brukowa 28 lok. 5

tel. + 48 85-742-03-30

tel. + 48 603-408-575


Range of services

Range of services:

  • The protection of copyright and personal rights

  • Help with choosing optimal legal form of economic activity, establishment of commercial companies and providing legal service for them

  • Transformation of commercial entities

  • Mergers and takeovers

  • Preparing successions

  • Legal services of investments

  • Legal services of developer operations

  • Legal support for vindication

  • Conducting negotiations

  • Disputes over property or nonproperty rights

  • Labour law, social insurance law

  • Administrative matters,

  • Fiscal cases,

  • Family and succession cases,

  • Matters of immovable property,

  • Consumer issues

  • Creating non-profit organizations, associations, foundations

We substitute and represent our clients in common courts of law, the Supreme Court, administrative courts and public administration bodies.

We provide legal services in English and German.