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The Privacy Policy

General information

This Cookies Policy defines rules of using cookies by the website www.obidzinski.pl (hereinafter referred to as “Website”). The owner of the Website is Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Obidziński, Opęchowska, Zawistowska sp.p., ul. Brukowa 28 lok. 5, 15-889 Białystok (hereinafter referred to as „Law Firm”), which is registered in the register of companies in the National Court Register conducted by The District Court in Białystok, XII Economic Department under No.
Detailed information
1. Cookies files are IT data, e.g. text files that are stored on the user’s end device (e.g. on computer, tablet or smartphone). Our Law Firm uses the cookies file mechanism when the user uses the Website. Cookies files generally contains the name of the Website the come from, their storage time on the user’s end device and they are associated only with the browser of a given computer (the user is anonymous), without the user’s name. The data is colleted automaticly while using the Website.
2. Cookies files remember user’s preferences that provides improving the services, improving search results, accuracy displayed information and user’s preference tracking.
3. The Law Firm places cookies files on the user’s end device and has access to them.
4. The following cookies files are used due to the storage period:
a) session files – temporary files are stored on the user’s end device until the user leaves the Website or turn off the softwear (web browser)
b) permanent files – files which are stored on the user’s end device during time specified in the cookies parameters or until the user removes the files
5. The data provide by the user is stored automatically and is used in order to:
a) proper functioning, configuration, security and reliability of the Website
b) adapt information dispayled to user’s preferences
6. The user can opt out of the cookie files choosing appropriate settings of the Browser
7. The Law Firm is allowed to store or access the cookie files by the browser settings installed on the user’s device.
8. If the user intends to remove existing cookie files from the device, he can do that using the browser options. If the user intends to remove individual cookie files, he can search them through the options of his browser.
9. The Privacy Policy rules are governed by the laws of Poland.

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